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Tam 'O Bedlam
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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

I haven't put up a post on the state of me yet. Let's just say it's not good. My hands have gone the way of my legs and my back is following. I type using my thumbs. It takes a while. One of the reasons i'm so late with this wish list. But I want to post it, because it's mostly for the love and light of my life, mr. pup. For over twenty years he has been my best friend, my lover, my confidant. Now he is my caretaker. He does everything—and makes 'everything' a little less humiliating than it could be. So my wish this year is that you find something in the list below for him. I of course have no money to get him anything and he deserves so much.
Names and address under the cut.

Mr. mans' list:
Stephen King books. Anything after “Insomnia.” Used/second hand is fine.
Any kind of 'Welcome to Nightvale' merchandise. He is completely and utterly hooked on it. He wears an X- Large t-shirt. All hail the glowcloud.
Giftcards to Home Depot or Amazon. He's handy and smart my man.
Anything MST3K related. Dvd's, figures, posters...
Gas cards for Giant Eagle or Country Fair. Work is almost an hour each way and gas kills the budget.
Minutes for his phone—Straightalk.
Add ons for Sims 3. He has the basic program and Supernatural. I know he would love any of the other add ons.
If you know of any kind of work at home project that really works, point him to it. He'd like to be able to stay home with me and pay the bills.
Other interests in case anything else comes to mind; Dr. Who, SPN, horror movies and books, Minecraft, flowers and plants, Poser, his kitty-Georgia...

Other suggestions for me and mine;

Paid account time for my lj.
Gift cards-Walmart, Amazon, ThinkGeek, anyplace else I can shop online.
Stuff for our kitties-Georgia and Ling, toys, catnip, treats.
Be good to yourselves and each other.

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]





Well played Sir(s), well played........

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Sleepy Hollow I adore you in all your cheesy glory, really I do. But could you please let the man change his clothes??? Yeesh!

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

...some things just have to be iconned...

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Well kids, it was a hellofa year last week. :-/
First----the sheriff came and said "You really should pay the taxes on your house." I've been through this before, so I wasn't going through gibbering terror. But it was stress I didn't need. And the Sheriff, she had to be the nicest law enforcement officer I have ever met. Sweet, helpful and kind. Mr. Pup called and got a payment plan set up so it's all good...but that was just the beginning.

The next day Mr. Pup hit a deer with the car that wasn't going to pass inspection next month before the accident. The car runs ok, it's not happy about it, but ok. We have another car waiting in the wings for inspection time, but it also needs some work. With the tax payments and car repair/inspection I see a lot of Ramen in our future.

And then, just so the Universe could give us a final swift kick in the balls...A dear friend lost her fight with ALS on Friday. Kathi was my son's best friends' Mother--Pup Sons' "Other Mother" as I am this boys'. My beautiful, exasperating, loving, not as grown up--and yet more grown up, than they think they are boys, are devastated. And I can't make it right. And my boy comes to my house and sees some of the same accouterments that were at Kathi's---the walker, the wheelchair--and I know it makes him afraid. All I can do is reassure him that the MS won't kill me. Right now though, it's hard for any of us to remember that.

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

...I Accepts It!

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

This is my happy place right now. I know I, like a lot of you out there, need one. Courtesy of the loverly Ash Right Here
I dare you to be grumpy at the end of this.

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

I just signed up for spn-reversebang. Eeee, this is one of my two favorite challenges. I looooooooooooooooooves it! Now I just have to get out of the sterek headspace and back into the spn headspace for a bit....

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Well, I'm all caught up with Teen Wolf. I watched the mid season finale this morning, and I just have to say.....What?

But how come...if she could then why...wind bad-Issac pretty..does Lydia have to dress like a haus frau now that she's...that thing that she is..homicidal twin psychotic werewolves, killed a bunch of people but now dating two of your friends...okaaay...Derek and Peter made werewolves like my mother made canned tomatoes, make a whole bunch in one batch so you don't run out...why do I get the feeling if I pull this one little string dangling from the plot it will all fall to pieces?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it and will definitely watch when it comes back but really------> Pretty------>


Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Yep, I've made Teen Wolf art. I'm not changing the header on my lj or anything drastic (though looking at the piece it is very reminiscent of that header that I made-what-almost eight years ago now.) like that. But I'm enough invested in it to make pretties, so....
Icon preview:

And a rather large portrait of the grumpy happy couple hereCollapse )

I'm on episode 4 of season 3 and keep smacking my fingers when they try to open the mid season finale. Peter is a hoot, Derek is oh-so-dramatic, Issac turned out to be very pretty and...Stiles has hair...huh.
So, hit me, what a re the best lj TW communities?

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

I know I have comments to answer, but I just wanted to pop in with an 'I'm alive' post.

A combination of my internet being an ass, more down than up, and a run of really, really bad days has left me missing in action. But I'm hopeful I can get all the comments answered tomorrow and maybe even work on some art. I am really starting to get an itch to do some Teen Wolf stuff (see icon). Speaking of, damnit, I am on episode six of season two. *sigh* Hope everyone is well. Love ya Lots!

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

This is the art Master Post for More Than Ever by fufaraw
Working with fuaraw was an absolute joy. The fact that the story is part of one of my favorite 'verses just made me squee all over the place. And if you know me, you know that for me, squeeing over a story=art and look how well that works. So,go. Read. Lavish praise. Because it's a hell of a story.

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Ok, I give up, give in, give over,yeah whatever. I am starting the first 2 seasons of Teen Wolf on Netflix while downloading the third season to watch when I'm done with those. This is what happens during Hellatius, I get led astray by people on my flist. (Supernatural-Haven-Lost Girl-Doctor Who...come baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!)

Not very far into it yet, just 2 or three episodes, but these things I know: Stiles is ADORABLE, and Derek is Angel with fir---yes?

No Derek doesn't have a pine tree problem---"Angel with fur."

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

For my lovely roxymissrose on the occasion of her birth month. I don't know if either of these fellows had green eyes, but I don't think you'll mind ;-)
A couple icons:

And under here, the wallpaper from whence they cameCollapse )
Enjoy and Most hippo of birdies to you ♥

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

OH my god it's hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt. Blech.
Here's the one you all said you wanted to see.
Icon preview:

What I started with:

Finished project hereCollapse )

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]


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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

The last one of these I put up a_phoenixdragon said "Do it again!" So, I did. This one is for you, Miss Mandy. It's called 'Moonlight'

Sneak peek:

What I started with:

And the result hereCollapse )

I'm thinking of doing one of these of Jensen, making him a pretty princess elf with glowy eyes and stuff. What do you think?

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Been playing with the non-fandom (but still nerdy) side of my art again. This one is called "Secrets."
Sneak peek:

What I started out with:

And finished project back hereCollapse )

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Hello, my name is Tam and I'm addicted to paranormal 'reality' shows. My recent drug of choice is The Dead Files. Also, I might have a girl-crush on Amy Allan. *cough*
So I downloaded my fix last night (Fridays episode) and started watching. There's Steve in his car and he says "I'm headed to Cambridge Springs Pa, about 100 miles north of Pittsburgh." Why yes, yes it is...as am I. O_O
The episode was about this place:

The Historic Riverside Inn. OMG....This is literally 25 miles from me. I have family and friends there. Mr. Pups senior prom was at the Riverside! It was weird but cool to hear more history than I knew about the Inn, to see Steve going places that I recognized. Mr. Pup said that he had always heard that the Inn was haunted. One of the creepiest things about the episode was them talking about French Creek. It runs right by the Inn and two kids drowned there in the 70's. It runs about 100 miles through Crawford County (it's actually a river, don't ask me Pennsylvanians are weird, just ask us we'll tell you) and the historian was saying that over the years it has taken a LOT of lives. When I lived in Meadville it ran through my back yard and we always told the kids to stay away from it. It's a deceitful water way, peaceful on top, currents underneath that will pull you away a nd sink holes that will swallow you up. If you lived in Crawford county for any length of time you knew someone, or knew someone who knew someone who had drowned in it.
Well that got morbid quickly.
Any way... I just thought it was kinda neat that the episode was filmed that close to me.

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Typing this on new Lappy!!! He is just like the Old Man, but a bit smaller in fact that one was a Dell Latitude D505 and this one is a D610. Which means I now have the Old Mans' younger, cuter brother. :-)
He didn't have a name, but something just came to me. I think I shall call him: X5-494. Alec when he gets stubborn or willful. I are nerd...

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

So, I've started watching Babylon 5 for the first time. I have no idea why I didn't watch it when it was originally on. Maybe I didn't have cable or maybe I was a Star Trek snob...
I'm a little over half way through the second season and am enjoying it a lot. It doesn't feel like a 20 year old show. It was definitely way ahead of its time. I like playing spot the actor too. Adrian Barbeau, June Lockheart.
and...Collapse )

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

I did art for my spnspringfling for lavishsqualor and their prompt of "A Beautiful Boy" because---really?

Icon preview:

Big'unCollapse )

Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

Lyrics meme, as seen on tv, er...altyronsmaker's journal. Here are some lyrics. Your job is to guess them. Leave your guesses in comments.
Warning, my taste in music is eclectic to say the least and spans decades and genres. Have fun!

1. Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy. Out in the backseat of my '60 Chevy. Night Moves-Bob Seger

2. If your body matches what your eyes can do you'll probably move right through me on my way to you.Paralyzer-Finger Eleven

3. Come feed the rain, cause I'm thirsty for your love dancin' underneath the skies of lust. Carnival of Rust-Poets of the Fall

4. And if you still think I'm lyin' to you, look yonder there comes the rain.
5. A strange encounter to be sure, he was wicked, he was pure.
6. She sits in her corner, singin' herself to sleep. Wrapped in all of the promises no one seems to keep.

7. My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans. House of the Rising Sun-The Animals

8. Last night I saw that beauty queen, watched her paint her face on.<Gasoline-Seether

9. It's just old Luke and Luke's waitin' for the Judgement day. The Weight-The Band

10. A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys. Puff The Magic Dragon-Peter, Paul and Mary

11. And Michael you would fall and turn the white snow red like strawberries in Summertime.White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes

12. First thing I remember knowin' is a lonesome whistle blowin' and a youngins' dream of growin up to ride.
13. The wolves will chase you in the pale moonlight. Drunk and driven by a devils hunger.
14. I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors. I screamed his name til the neighbors called the cops.

15. Listen children to a story that was written long ago. Bout a kingdom on a mountain and the valley folk below.One Tin Soldier-Coven

16. I am the bad one, distant and cruel one. I am the dream that keeps you runnin...

17. That's all I wanted something special, something sacred in your eyes.Father Figure-George Michael

18. I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them blue...What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong

19. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State We Are Young-F.U.N.

20. I got a paint outside with enough giddyup to be free. A Different Kind of Knight-Christian Kane

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Tam 'O Bedlam [userpic]

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks - and, believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems.

Kissed any one of your LiveJournal friends? - Yes
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Well, that was fun

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